Decorative sheepskin products are one of the most sought after additions to modern interiors. Because of their elegant and fancy appearance they complement a minimalistic and Scandinavian type arrangement (where simplicity, modesty and natural materials are valued most) exceptionally well. If we want the purchased sheepskin product to please our eyes with it`s fresh looks for a long time, we should care for its proper maintenance. How, you ask?

Products such as carpets or bedspreads made of sheepskin should be regularly cleaned and aired.

If one wants to get rid of residual dust, sand or, e.g. crumbs, the pelt can be gently beaten, after which it`s recommended to refresh the sheepskin hair. This should be done using professional cleanser (it should be noted that the preferred cleanser will differ for natural and dyed hair). If we opt for wet cleaning, it should be done carefully to avoid soaking of the leather itself. Unfortunately, natural leather doesn’t respond very well to humidity. After washing, the product should be dried in room temperature.

When the sheepskin is completely dry, then we can proceed to combing the hair – with a regular comb – which should be done slowly and thoroughly, streak after streak.

Sheepskin pelts require regular combing which allows them to stay soft and fluffy. At least once a week the product should be aired outside – it`s the simplest way for a quick refreshment and getting rid of potential unpleasant smell.

To sum up, thorough maintenance of a sheepskin product should consist of systematic brushing of the hair and airing of the item. Moreover, once in a while it`s recommended to clean the pelt. Contrary to popular belief, sheepskin pelts are rather easy to maintain and the necessary procedures are neither demanding or time-consuming. The few simple steps shown in this article will allow your pelt to maintain it`s natural, fresh look for many years to come.