The trend in decorating interiors with pelts arose in Poland few years ago, when many arranged their flats according to the principles of minimalist, Scandinavian style. Nowadays natural sheepskin is more and more boldly introduced in modern, industrial or even traditional arrangements. Pelts readily substitute for classic carpets and other textiles.

Natural decorative pelts can serve both decorative and practical function, moreover - some models even have health-promoting purpose – such as “Relugan”.

Adding soft and fluffy bedspreads or cushions decorating sofas in our living rooms can make a difference in whole arrangement, introducing a warm and cozy vibe. Nevertheless, the living room is not the only one suitable for sheepskin accessories – they as often find their place in bedrooms, children`s rooms or wherever a cover for the floor is needed, as an easy way to provide comfort for our feet. Specifically chosen sheepskin can accentuate existing arrangement of the interior or – if needed- do the exact opposite, play a role of a contrasting, eye-grabbing attractor.

No matter, which model we chose, every decorative sheepskin is characterized by exquisite trim. The most popular models of sheepskin are classic white hue and “natural” one.

Those fond of more vibrant colors also won`t have any problem with finding sheepskin in hues such as pink, violet or navy blue. Such elements of the arrangement will surely grab the attention of the viewers.

Decorative pelts, in their own way, are an extremely versatile addition to the interior. They can be used as a bedspread for a sofa or as a warm and soft blanket decorating, for instance, the living room. Even though they mainly get associated with Scandinavian-style interiors, for several seasons now they`ve been used to decorate arrangements of practically any kind. At the moment, The most in-style sheepskins models are those in natural (undyed) shades – white, light beige and brown.